Our Beliefs

1. There is one and only one God that reveals Himself in three forms: as God the Father, as the God the Son (who is Jesus Christ: virgin born, willingly sacrificed, and raised from the dead), and as the God the Holy Spirit.

2. The Bible is God’s inspired Word and the final authority for our lives and church.

3. God desperately wishes to have a growing relationship with every man, woman, and child.

4. Our relationship with God is restored by salvation from spiritual death and is secured by His grace when we put our faith in Jesus Christ.

5. God offers eternal life, which is secure forever to those that trust in His Son.

6. It is God’s desire that believers live a holy, separated lifestyle.

7. It is also God’s desire that we share the good news about Him with everyone that we can.

8. The independent local church was established by God to build up believers and to mobilize them to reach the lost.